2021 Repeat Treat Club Membership *PRE-ORDER*

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Each month March - July all Club Members get to come into the shop and receive a FREE SURPRISE GIFT every single month!  No purchase necessary--just a free gift for being a Club Member!  The gift each month is a surprise and it must be picked up in the shop during that month by the Club Member.

This will be our third year!!! In 2019 all the gifts were personal accessories/jewelry.  In 2020 we stepped it up and had a combination of accessories, jewelry, gift and home decor items all met with raving reviews!  For 2021 we are continuing that combination of all things FLEURISH--a completely well rounded lifestyle assortment of goodies! Each month is something new and fantastic!

We sold out membership in only TWO DAYS in 2020 and hated disappointing so many of you that wanted to join and couldn't soooo...for 2021 we are offering PRE-ORDERS!  All pre-paid Pre-Orders are guaranteed a Club Membership for 2021 and you'll have the opportunity to earn an extra FREE GIFT AND AN EXTRA FREE MONTH! 


Your INITIAL TREAT for the Repeat Treat Club will be available mid-January through the end of February (or while supplies last if we sell out sooner).  Monthly treats start in March. We'll send you an email at the beginning of each month to remind you that you have a new surprise waiting for you and if you haven't picked it up before the last week, we'll give you a call to remind you.  We don't want you to miss out just because you got busy and forgot!

TREAT YOURSELF and join our Club so we can treat YOU!

Membership includes the initial gift PLUS monthly gifts March-July. That's 5 months of freebies plus your initial membership gift for a total of 6 months of goodies--all for only $29.95!

The only caveat is that each month March-July you must pick up that month's gift during the given month.  No holds.  No shipping.  And you must pick up the gift personally.  So if you are busy or out of town or whatever and you miss a month, you just miss a month--but the good news is you get a fresh start with a new gift the next month!



Pre-Orders are available through Sunday, January 10, 2021. This guarantees you a spot in the Club -AND-

Pre-Paid Pre-Orders received by December 31, 2020 will receive an EXTRA BONUS TREAT in FEBRUARY in addition to your Initial Treat!


If you pre-order the 2021 membership by December 31, 2020 *AND* you buy one for a friend who is new to Fleurish you'll both get a BONUS MONTH meaning your memberships will run through AUGUST instead of through July!  If you purchase on-line please include your friend's information in the comments section at checkout.  We need her first and last name, email and cell phone number please! If you purchase your pre-order in person we will ring out the gift membership separately under your friend's name :)

One of our super thoughtful customers suggested we have an membership incentive for the club to encourage our customers to help us "bring in new customers and introduce more people to our wonderful shop".  We loved the idea (thanks Cindy!) We wouldn't be here without you and your referrals! So if you want that bonus month, we thank you for sharing the love :)

Just a reminder that monthly gifts can only be picked up by the member herself, in-person, in-store so we suggest you plan a monthly Girls Day Out with a bestie and put it on your calendar every month!  Come in together, browse the new goodies in the shop while you pick up your freebie, visit the nearby shops and have lunch at a locally owned restaurant!  Our local shops and restaurants need your support more than ever!  Plus did you know that every dollar you spend in a locally owned business that 64c goes back into the local community?  When you shop big corporate stores and Amazon less than 30c stays in our local community. Shopping and eating local is not only FUN, it keeps our communities vibrant, interesting and helps our communities FLEURISH!


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