2024 Repeat Treat Club (March-October)

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We are currently offering memberships for PRE-SALE for 2024! This is our 6th year of Repeat Treat Club at FLEURISH!

See what everyone's talking about and join today!


What is Repeat Treat Club? It’s a super fun club where you pay a one-time membership fee and receive 8 months of free gifts! The gifts will be a combination of all things FLEURISH--a completely well-rounded lifestyle assortment of goodies! Each month is something new and fantastic!

We are currently offering memberships for PRE-SALE for 2024! We sell out every year so grab yours now! This is our 6th year of Repeat Treat Club at FLEURISH!


Repeat Treat Club starts March 1, 2024. Each month (March-October), you’ll get an email at the beginning of the month reminding you that your treat is available.  If we haven’t seen you yet with about a week left in the month, we’ll text you one last reminder.  BUT, the very BEST way to participate in Repeat Treat Club is to get a girlfriend (or 2 or a whole group!) and plan a fun day/evening out every month with them and put it in your calendar! You do so much for so many—you deserve this for yourself!

Questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions below and if you have any additional questions, please reach out! Email [email protected] or give us a call at any of the shops.



Can I buy two memberships so I can get extra gifts? Memberships are limited to one per person.

Can I gift a membership to someone? Yes! Just fill out the membership form with their information and be sure to let them know they need to pick up their free gift each month themselves.

If I can’t get in to get my gift one month can my husband/daughter/friend pick it up for me? Memberships are non-transferable meaning that the only person that can pick up the gift is the member herself

I’m travelling and will be out of town one month. Can I pick up that month’s gift next month or can you hold one for me to pick up later? Gifts must be picked up between the first and last day of each month. Gifts will not be given outside of that schedule.

I live out of town. Can you ship my free gifts to me? Gifts must be picked up in one of our physical store locations.

If I usually shop at Springboro but I'm visiting my mom in Hamilton. Can I pick up my gift there instead that month? Sure! You can pick up your treat wherever is most convenient to you. You’re welcome to change shop locations every month or stay at the same location each month—whatever works best for you.

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