6oz Sea Salt Flavor Caramels in Gift Bag (Mouth Party)

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For something slightly off the beaten path, try this scrumptious sea salt caramel. We dust the top layer of our original caramels with fleur de sel sea salt, creating sweet and savory fireworks. They are made with heavy cream, butter, sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and fleur de sel. Approx. 13 caramels.



The original vanilla caramel started it all and is derived from Jane Drake Cummings’ four generation old family recipe. Jane, who has been married to my father for over 35 years, first shared her family secret with me when I was in middle school. GAME OVER - I was hooked. In 2006, when Jane became ill with Lymphoma for a second time, we discussed the possibility of selling her scrumptious caramels. I decided to take the plunge and founded Mouth Party Caramel with the commitment to help advance cancer research and cancer support services by donating a portion of our company net profits. In the thirteen years since its inception, Jane remains well and Mouth Party Caramel has won the hearts and stomachs of many! We work hard to build and maintain our reputation as an affordable luxury item perfect for anyone and for any occasion. As a company, we have survived two total loss floods, expanded our caramel product line, relocated to a 8,000sf kitchen facility, and grown to a crew of 14 incredible caramelistas who craft small-batch, handmade, mouthwatering, gourmet soft caramels that you are sure to love. What are you waiting for??! GET SOME. - BG Purcell founder & captain

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