Aging Dust

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Directions for use: Apply a slightly heavier than normal coat of clear wax using a wax brush (we recommend either Waxwell™ or Waxine™ wax brushes) and when the wax is no longer wet, but still tacky, sprinkle a generous amount of Aging Dust across the surface and allow to dry for 20-30 minutes (it can be left overnight if desired). Lightly brush off the excess Aging Dust (we sweep onto a sheet of paper and put the excess back into our bottle) and polish the piece with our Wax Buffing Brush. Moving the brush in different directions and with varying amounts of pressure will produce different looks from a soft aging to a stronger more pronounced charcoal colored patina. If your piece has carved details, polish more gently in those areas to leave some Aging Dust behind in the crevices. Gorgeous!

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