Fleurish Favorites Paint Sundries Brush Kit

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All the tools you need for completing your next paint project! We've curated all our favorite items so you don't have to!

Jolie signature paint brush: natural bristle brush gives you the best coverage with the least effort

Jolie flat brush: perfect for sample pots and small areas

2" furniture brush: our favorite tool for drybrushing and wash techniques

Waxine wax brush: the perfect brush for massaging clear wax into your paint without waste

Better than Cheesecloth towels (5pk): washable and reusable-great for wiping back excess wax

Big Fat Lye soap: clean and condition your brushes without residue to keep them in tip top shape

Heart Scrubby: helps get all the hard to clean paint and wax out of your brushes when used with our Big Fat Lye soap

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