Blue Light Up Cubes GloPals Blair

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Meet Blair! He’s amazingly cheery and always looks for the bright side of things. Known for his big glasses and smile, Blair is always ready to play. Simply drop him in water and see how bright he really is - he’ll “glo” blue and instantly come to life. Each Pal typically lasts for 4+ weeks on average and each pack comes with four blue Pals inside. When placed in water, the faces will project onto their surroundings, making for fun interactions!

Four cubes per pack - all one color. Each Glo Pal cube will will stay lighted for eight hours. They automatically turns on when placed in the bath, and will turn off when out of the water. For children 3 and up.

The Glo Pals® were inspired by a child with autism to help him overcome his fear of water. Glo Pal® characters engage children in sensory exercises and brightens bath time.

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