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The Miracle Blanket® makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark! Your baby will sleep better, longer and will be less fussy since he/she will finally get the sleep they (and you) so desperately need. The fabric is a super soft cotton knit selected for several good reasons: It’s breathable so that it can be used in warm climates while still being luxurious enough to keep your baby warm in cooler places; It has just enough stretch to absorb your baby’s movements without coming undone but it’s not so stretchy that it won’t stay tight; And, most importantly, it stands up to constant use and washing. Like any baby fabric, you should wash it in the cold cycle and dry it on the delicate cycle.


MiracleBlanket® Benefits

• Help baby fall asleep
• Help baby sleep longer
• Help keep babies on their backs (recommended by the AAP)
• Calm crying and fussiness for any baby
• Provide a safe-sleep alternative to traditional swaddling

• Prevent twitching, startling, facial scratches, & breaking out of swaddles
• Make breastfeeding easier
• Provide a healthy hip and leg environment with freedom of movement for proper development
• Allow you to uniquely swaddle “Hand-to-Heart”, arms down, in or out
• Works with any size baby age 0-14 weeks

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