Multiflame Candle Lela White, Unscented

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A magician allures with the subtle artistry of legerdemain, or sleight of hand. The soft flick and shift of a silk scarf, or the snap of a playing card exposes one of life’s little revelations: There is always more to it than meets the eye. Lela casts a resplendent glow on even the most well-kept secrets.

Embodying the grace and sensuality of the Alusi collection, Lela begins with a solo flame, her hourglass shape unraveling as she alternates, with singular focus, between one flame and two.

Quality materials, innovative technologies and creative design: this is what these candles are made of.
Each candle of the collections has been carefully crafted with a distinct shape, wick structure and burning path. This candles are unique in their ability to provoke fascination and surprise through the inter play of wax and flame.
These candles are the ultimate gift for both candle lovers and those contemplative souls looking for art in every moment.

- Wax and Wicks: Eco-friendly and safe, our candle wax is food grade and 100% biodegradable. All candles use only lead- and zinc-free wicks.
- The Packaging: For each of the unique candles, a package has been designed, that‘s equally as practical as it is stylish. All candles are packed securely for transportation.
- The Coaster: Inside each package we offer a flame-resistant paper coaster to place under the candle. Totally unobtrusive, this paper will protect against the wax drippage that occurs.

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