6.1 How do I care for my painted and waxed furniture?

   Care is the same as with any wood furniture.  That being said, there is much abuse being done out there unknowingly!  Wood furniture should not be placed directly over or in front of vents or radiators.  Wood furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight.  These practices can damage the wood regardless of how they are finished. 

   Most furniture polishes should be avoided as they contain silicone which hinders the wood’s breathability and caused “build-up”.  Dry dusting is best and the recommended cleaning method for painted and waxed surfaces.  Should cleaning be required, a damp soapy cloth will work most of the time.  More rigorous cleaning can be done successfully with a chamois to remove stains.  If something more permanent has happened (Sharpie® marker, nail polish remover, etc.), the wax can be removed with mineral spirits (the real stuff in the metal can, not the “safe” alternative in the plastic container) which will remove the wax and the booboo along with it leaving the paint intact.  (Mineral spirits removes solvent based products and will not remove water based products like Chalk Paint®.)  Re-wax and your surface is good as new in a couple of minutes!