The Original Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones

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About this product

Never Drink Another Diluted Whiskey Again

Discover fast-cooling non-diluting round solid granite stones used to perfectly cool fine spirits without watering down your drink. Each of our 6 whiskey stones has a different color and granite style making each set unique and standing out beautifully. Elevate your drinking experience or spoil a loved one with our bestseller. 

Enjoy Whiskey Chilled At The Perfect Temperature

Your selected dram, cooled down and ready to taste the way master distillers intended it to be. Awarded & loved by thousands including industry experts, our stunning whiskey stones are a Connoisseur's must have.

Discover A New Whiskey Tasting Experience

Famous for our unrivalled & magnificent gift sets, ROCKS will make a perfect gift for the whiskey lover. Unique, Tasteful, Giftable.

•  Made in China
•  Dimensions: 5.1″ x 4.1″ x 1.6″ (13 x 10.4 x 4.1 cm)
•  Weight: 1 lb (453.6 g)

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