Tooth Fairy Pillow Sydney the Koala

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  • PLAYFUL: Sydney the Koala plush tooth fairy pillow is sure to delight your child a unique and imaginative way to introduce them to the Tooth Fairy,
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL HANDS: 7 inches small is a nice size for little ones to hold, but large enough to find in the dark after your boy or girl falls asleep.
  • PRACTICAL: The stuffed animal's pouch is the perfect way to safely store a lost tooth and the note, gift, or money the tooth fairy leaves behind.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It is made of very soft material and strong stitching. Machine Wash Cold, Drip Dry
  • QUALITY MADE KEEPSAKE: Crafted by Maison Chic, this cute stuffed Sydney the Koala will last from the first lost tooth to the last, giving comfort and reassurance to your boy or girl
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