White Cheddar Jalapeño Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

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Authentic Flavor: Heat up your taste buds with our White Cheddar Jalapeno chips that are made with a blend of fresh jalapenos, white cheddar, and creamy buttermilk. Our chips are also infused with zesty salsa flavors that tingle the senses.
An All-Natural Crunch: Made with all natural ingredients, bite into a delicious chip that is made for everyone. Our kettle cooked chips are non-GMO*, gluten free**, kosher***, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
Chef-Crafted Kettle Chips: Founded by chefs, all our flavors and hand-blended spices are expertly crafted in house to produce a truly unique tasting snack. To achieve our craveable, kettle crunch, we thick cut our potatoes and fry in vegetable oil.
The Perfect Complement: Add an irresistible snap of flavor to your next meal when you pair it with our flavor-loaded kettle chips. Pack a bag in your lunch box for when you're headed to school, the office, or your next adventure.

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