Wine Cocktail/Slush Mixes Strawberry Sangria: Party Size

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Who doesn't LOVE wine slushies?

Any time of year! We’re reinventing the wine cocktail in a big way. By turning them into gourmet slushies! Introducing our amazing wine slushies! No blender needed!

Made with our dried fruits & fresh ingredients. We have 4 delicious mixes using the same Florida fresh produce that we use in our infusion kits.

Mixology wine slush mixes are a delicious way to enjoy a bottle of wine or champagne. With our signature blends of organic sugars, locally grown dried fruits and spices, these mixes will be a hit! And they’re so easy to make, it’s ridiculous.

Each bag will make a gallon.


Pour your favorite bottle of wine into a container. Fill the empty bottle with water and add that to the container. Stir in full pouch of slushie mix. Voila! Tastes delicious chilled or place in freezer for 8-12 hours and enjoy it as a wine slush--no blender needed!

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