Authentic Complete Whiskey Barrel Smoking Cocktail Kit

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Elevate the flavor of your favorite cocktails with our Authentic Whiskey Barrel Smoking Cocktail Kit.

A perfect gift for those who enjoy top quality bar infused cocktails from the comfort of their own home.

Each piece is handcrafted from authentic reclaimed whiskey barrels staves that bring deep smoky notes to your favorite drinks.

Heighten your drinking experience as you watch the smoke fill the glass resulting in a uniquely layered drink with alluring aromas. All orders include a bag of whiskey and wine smoking chips.

Bonus!! Now includes 4 Whiskey Chilling Stones. Used to chill your drink and not water it down.

Each order includes :
1x Whiskey Smoking Tray
1-2 oz. of Whiskey Barrel Chips
1-2 oz. of Wine Barrel Chips
1x Recipe Card
4 Black Basalt whiskey chilling stones

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