Fleurish Fundraising

Fleurish Home wants to help you and your organization FLEURISH!  We would love to be your fundraising partner through one of our Fleurish Fundraising opportunities.  As a locally owned business, our goal is to help support the cities in which we live and work and their surrounding communities.  When we work together, we can accomplish more.  How can we help you Fleurish?

Here are the options we offer:

GIFT CERTIFICATE: Donation of a $25 gift certificate to your organization to be used as a raffle or door prize.  Great for schools, sports teams, moms groups, anything!  Stop into any Fleurish Home location with your fundraising flyer/letter and anyone on staff is happy to provide you with this donation of a single $25 gift certificate. 

Give Back Shopping Day or Week: We will work together with you to choose a day or a week that your members/teammates/supporters can shop with Fleurish Home and have you profit 20% of their sales!  We can also provide an online code if you would like to take advantage of e-commerce sales.

Please fill out the Fleurish Fundraising application and let's work together to make a difference for your organization!