Cocktail Cards - 100 Cocktail Flashcards

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Cocktail Cards features over 100 flashcards inside a stylish box.

The box dimensions are : 7"x5"x3"
Each card is 6.5"x5"

There is an index card that is numerical and color-coded to easily find your drink.
There also includes a "How-to-use" card.

Each Cocktail Recipe cards includes:
History of drink
Flavor Profile
Unique instructions
tools/glassware needed
Bonus tips
QR code to link to the instructional video for that cocktail.

The design is very high-end and masculine, and extremely popular as a gift box for "him."

Cocktail Cards has been featured in many magazines and on Access Hollywood. Nearly 500,000 followers online the brand is becoming well known, and everyones go to product for learning cocktails!

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