Make Life Beautiful Event

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Make Life Beautiful Event

UPDATE: Watch the LIVE STREAM on Facebook if you missed the event or just want to watch something again and skip past the parts you don't want to revisit!

Do you...

1. Want help finding your decorating style?
2. Need advice choosing the perfect colors for your home?
3.Want to learn how to update on a budget using Jolie paint?

It's easier than you think!  Spend the day learning in this free all day workshop!

We'll be doing multiple giveaways every 1/2 hour during the event and you must be present to win so plan on spending the day with us!

If you are a long time paint customer of ours you won't want to miss this!  Find out why we switched to Jolie and why you'll never want to use anything but Jolie ever again! Cross our hearts and pinky promise!

It's Your Life...Make It Beautiful!

Paint is the most cost effective transformative medium available.  Learn how easily and affordably you can transform your home using Jolie products and tips and techniques from Fleurish Home.




NOON— Painting a Basic Furniture Finish

No stripping, sanding or priming needed!  Find out how quickly and easily you can achieve a basic paint finish with our low-VOC, durable paint.  ANYONE can paint and do a beautiful job with Jolie paint!


12:30—“What color should I paint this?”

“What is my decorating style and how can I blend it with my spouse’s?”

In this session we’re going to answer those two most frequently asked and difficult to answer questions! 


1:00—Adding pops of color and accessorizing your home

Updating your existing pieces is a great way to affordably update and freshen your house turning it into your uniquely-you home!  Learn how to add pops of color and achieve a cohesive flow to your decorating.


1:30—Adding depth and interest to your basic paint finish

Learn two of our favorite techniques for adding depth and interest to your paint finish: paint washes and dry brushing.  Learn our tips and tricks to make these effects simple and easy.


2:00— Painting a Basic Furniture Finish

Did you miss the noon session or just want to hear the info again?  We’ve got you covered!  Find out how quickly and easily you can achieve a basic paint finish with our low-VOC, durable paint.  ANYONE can paint and do a beautiful job with Jolie paint!


2:30—Distressed about distressing?

No need to stress!  We’ll teach you how to achieve an authentic time worn finish. 


3:00—Waxing poetic about wax…wax on, wax off!

Are you nervous about waxing?  Have you had problems waxing in the past?  Did someone tell you wax wasn’t a durable finish?  Well, we’re here to lay your worries to rest, debunk the myths and show you just how simple, quick and easy waxing is supposed to be!  You’ll see how wax will beat poly in the durability test 9 times out of 10 and just how easy it is to apply, maintain and repair a wax finish. 


3:30—Ask Me Anything!

Are there any questions you have that didn’t get answered earlier in the day?  Need clarification about anything?  With over 27 years of professional painting and finishing experience, Debra can confidently and expertly answer all your questions! Ask away!



  1. Debra Campbell Debra Campbell

    I've got this technique in the queue for our #AskFleurish show for August! Stay tuned!

  2. Feriel Feldman Feriel Feldman

    Want to know about ceruse finish or other colors that leave grain of wood visible. Yeaa! Can’t wait!

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