Cheese Paper Parchment: Log Slice

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JOIN THE TRADITION! Inspired by the French tradition of turning to nature for decoration, our fine decorative parchment paper can be used under cheese, fresh fruits, home-baked breads, or as coasters under glasses and bottles. Fanciful enough to be used in a table decoration, written on, used as place cards, or wherever your imagination leads.
FOOD SAFE SOY-BASED INK! Our parchment paper leaves are printed on French parchment paper using food safe soy-based ink. Feel comfortable putting all food directly onto these leaves.
DECORATE AND PROTECT! Not only do these parchment paper leaves make your cheeseboard beautiful, but they also protect the surface from oils and food that may stain a wooden board. Use a beautiful leaf in place of doilies.
SISSON DECORATION LEAVES FOR EVERY OCCASION! From the classic, traditional grape leaves to log slices and snowflakes. There are unique patterns and sizes for any occasion you can put your mind to.
WOW YOUR GUESTS! Parchment paper leaves are sure to impress any guest. From small family gatherings to large parties, the parchment paper leaves are a must-have.

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