Houston Llew Spiritile: 251 American Heroes

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This piece is a somewhat modern yet timeless enameled interpretation of Childe Hassam’s 1917 painting “Avenue in the Rain.”  The original painting is in the permanent art collection of the White House and has graced the Oval Office over several recent presidencies.  It is one of my favorite patriotic pieces ever created.

The piece embraces the strength of national unity.  The water hints at ominous challenges, while American Heroes stand guard over those who are forced to shelter down under cover from the metaphorical storm.  The flags proudly protect us & bring us back together to overcome the obstacles thrown in our path by elements beyond our control.

And what better story to put with it than that of a man who recognized & was eternally grateful for the sacrifices frontline Americans made for humanity?  I doubt either Mr. Hassam or Mr. Churchill would mind me spinning my own creative style by smashing them together, a bit out of context, and into something new.  Ingenuity is, after all, the American way!

I call this piece American Heroes.  It is dedicated to ALL American Heroes.  From front line workers to our veterans, our doctors and nurses and our fearless leaders... the world owes you a debt that can never be repaid.  We are eternally grateful for your sacrifices.  


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